Hard Drive Paths

Open the Hard Drives Path Panel using the main menu ‘MapManager - Hard Drive Paths’.

Save Options Button

Save the options. Saved options will be loaded next time Map Manager is run. Options can also be saved using the main menu ‘MapManager - Save Options…’, or the ‘Save Options’ button in the main options panel.

Stack Browser

Location to load folders in the Stack Browser.

Time-Series (maps)

Location to load and save maps in the time-series panel. This defaults to ‘My Documents’ on Windows and ‘Documents’ on OS X.

Fiji Application

Location of Fiji application. Used when creating line segments.

  • On Windows, Select the actual Fiji executable. Something like:
  • On OSX, select the folder that Fiji.app is in. Something like /Applications. Once selected, the path will appear something like:

Stack Analysis

Not used.

Map Manager Code

Shows the hard-drive path that Map Manager was loaded from. Useful if there are multiple Map Manager installations on one computer.